Workshop with Tarana


Workshop with TARANA “The Intersection of Improvisation, Global Rhythms & Music-Technology”

Tuesday, 17 October 2017. 2 – 4 pm

@audiotorium Rumah Karya Sjuman

Jalan Buana Kencana Blok E Sektor 12, Kencana Loka BSD City, Tangerang.

Tarana was formed was in 2003 by Ravish Momin, an Indian-born versatile percussionist/composer/electronic musician/educator currently residing in New York City. Ravish has worked with artists as diverse as pop-star Shakira as well as legendary saxophonist Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre of the Association for the Creative
Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM.) Inspired by the music of the AACM, Ravish has continued to draw inspiration from various world music genres to produce his own shape-shifting world/jazz/electronic group. In its present line-up, Tarana is an exciting and ground-breaking Trombone/synth (Rick Parker) & Drums/electronics (Ravish Momin) DUO that blurs the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, while blending a vast array of influences, ranging from Jazz to Indian Music to various Electronic Music genres. They layer loops, melodies, textures and sounds on top of their tight-knit acoustic instruments to create a symphonic sound that also explores deep-grooving rhythms from across the world. Of their latest full-length release entitled, ‘A Fire of Flowers Grows Around US’ (Wondermachine), Mike Greenblatt of Classicalite wrote: ““If you had to put a spin on post-rock band Sigur Ros from Reykjavik, Iceland, Jamaican trombone player Vin Gordon (one of reggae’s original rude boys) and the tragic Midwestern electronica pioneer DJ Rashad, it might wind up sounding just like Tarana does on A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us. Not that Tarana actually sounds like them. The point is; they sound like nobody. Still, elements of the aforementioned pop up like weeds between city sidewalks. It’s alive. It throbs with static electricity. You can’t stop listening to it.”


Limited seats available! Contact or 087771176200 for more info.